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Thread: ink pen aspect with canvas rotation

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    ink pen aspect with canvas rotation

    It seems that the pen aspect is not relative to the viewing angle of the canvas. It seems like it should be?

    ie. with a low aspect setting, the pen will draw thin lines left to right and thick lines up and down. If i rotate the view, its like the pen doesn't rotate with it: line thickness is relative to the canvas and not the view of the canvas.
    (this is in 4.5.1, but i didn't see any mention of this in any of the recent updates)

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    I don't think this has ever been mentioned before. I'll just move this thread to the suggestions, so we can consider it when we're working on future updates.

    However, I can see a problem in that we'd then need to add an option to fix rotation, as rotating the pen automatically would prevent people from make consistent marks from different angles.

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    Yeah, I can see it both ways. It just seems more natural that if i rotate the canvas without doing anything to the pen, then the the strokes should stay the same relative to my view. Like if I was rotating an actual physical drawing surface.

    Either way, not a huge deal - just something i noticed!

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    Hi and thanks! I am so glad if option to fix rotation coming soon.

    There is also Wacom 6D ArtPen rotation problem with Ink Pen (ArtRage 4.5.4 64bit)
    With Knife Tool and Sticker Sprays pen rotation works fine but not with Ink Pen

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