We've noticed an unusual amount of attempts to log into people's accounts over the last couple of days. If an incorrect attempt is made five times, then the account is temporarily locked and an automated message saying that someone attempted to log into your account is sent out.

If you received the email about an attempted log in, that means that it failed. Without the correct password, nobody can log in. If you forward us that email, we'll will make a note of the IP address used when they were trying to log into your account. Unfortunately, the IPs keep changing, so we're having trouble blocking them.

However, if your account has been compromised, you should:

1. Log in and change the password if possible (you can reset it here if you can't log in http://forums.artrage.com/login.php?do=lostpw )

2. Alert us if you need assistance. We can help you change your password and check your account over. However, you probably just need to change your password.

We recommend changing your passwords regularly and not using the same one across all sites. You can change your forum password by looking for Forum Actions up the top, and then going to Edit Profile.

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Why are they trying to log in? What damage can they do?

We think they are just spammers trying to access legitimate accounts in order to post spam links. If you notice an ordinary poster posting odd links, please let us know.

The amount of damage they can do is limited, as they will be trying to post in the forums (and we'll promptly delete those posts) but they will be able to view your email address, and if they guess your password and you use the same password for other sites, you should change it. You should also check that they haven't added any links to your signature or profile.

Because the Member Area accounts are separate from the forums, they will not be able to access your registered ArtRage serial numbers.