I just bought this app called Waterlogue to my iPad. Took a photo of the tulips on the kitchen table. Waited for 2 seconds and had this "watercolour" painting. It really looks like the real thing. So what is the Point of doing the real real thing, with paper, water, brushes, colours and all?

Maybe this: a camera has one eye, I have two. I have emotions, I have ways of expressing by using my Watercolour Tools in a personal way, I can paint from my imagination, paint things that happened Before or that I Think will happen in the future and so on... things that a camera can not do. The camera is right here right now. Nothing else.
So, if I use this app and make a print on a real watercolour paper and also add some real real watercolour paint on it. Will anybody notice that it is a photo that looks like a real WC? Will I be able to sell my "painting" without anybody noticing? If I don't tell...

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