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Thread: Can't get cursor shape

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    Can't get cursor shape

    I can get precise cursor and brush cursor, but I can't get the shape cursor to show. What's wrong?

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    This had puzzled me, too. In my case it was that the tool I was using was very small and I needed to magnify the image before the cursor could switch from a "Precise" to my chosen "Shape" cursor. For example, using the technical pen on a 300ppi painting, I had to magnify my view of the canvas to 500 before the circle shape could appear for my cursor.

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    Yes, the 'Shape' (Outline) cursor will use the Precise cursor for some tools that are small in size, or have no shape (e.g. the Pencil or Select tools).

    If you are using a very small tool size, it will change, so that you can actually see what you're drawing. This also changes if you zoom in and out of the canvas - basically, once your line is about the same size as the crosshairs on the cursor.

    By the way, the shortcuts for Precise, Outline and Tool are the buttons 1, 2 and 3.

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