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    Wow. I don't know what to say. Never tossed shucked ears of corn onto hot coals to cook so I haven't a clue what it's supposed to look like. But the theme certainly generates curiosity.

    The coals look good and hot. I think what bothers me is the comparative size and direction of the corn's kernels and how much focus you give them.

    There are different schools of thought on rows of things like trees in farmlands. There is the more naive stylization as seen in the 1930s muralist styles that are basically itemizing bounty or different elements in a theme like Farming or strength in a Nation. In that case they don't care about creating the illusion of a real moment like a photo would capture.

    So if you're trying to make it look real, when you do tight rows of something going away into a distance you must consider that when it's closer you see between the items (kernels) and as it goes away from you you see more of the tops so that the in-between spaces fade because you're only seeing more of the tops. You don't have to outline every kernel in the same way. In fact, sometimes it's more of a relief to the eye to not have to itemize kernels like you're doing an inventory k-105, k-106, k-107. . .

    Anyway, interesting jump to a very different subject. You seem to be doing heat well with your colors and values.
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