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Thread: ArtRage 3 Win8.1 freezes/crashes on startup

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    ArtRage 3 Win8.1 freezes/crashes on startup

    Whenever I start ArtRage 3 on Win8.1, it freezes up (spinning circle of death) and eventually crashes. I uninstalled and reinstalled it and have the same issue. How can I begin to troubleshoot and diagnose the issue if there are no error messages?


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    Are you using a touchscreen, or a desktop with graphics tablet?

    If it's a graphics tablet, can you check and see if you have more than one tablet driver installed? (e.g. Bamboo and Wacom (Intuos) programs).

    If you do, uninstall the unused one for now and see if that fixes it (out of date drivers clash badly sometimes).
    If not, try uninstalling the one you already have, restart the computer and see if ArtRage works (then download and install the most recent driver).

    If that doesn't magically fix it, can you drop us an email at with details? (This may be driver related, but we may have to do some more complicated troubleshooting).

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    Quote Originally Posted by HannahRage View Post
    Are you using a touchscreen, or a desktop with graphics tablet?
    I'm using an Alienware M17 laptop (actually, a desktop replacement in form of a laptop) purchased new in July 2014. It has no touch screen. For input I'm sing a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet. According to the attached screenshot I appear to only have one driver installed. I'll uninstall/reinstall it, test out ArtRage, then download and install the most recent driver if there is one, and then get back to you on the outcome.

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    The troubleshooting steps you recommended did not work. ArtRage 3 still freezes and crashes. Wacom Intuos table was completely uninstalled and its USB was not plugged in. I was only using the touchpad on the laptop itself. What can I try next?

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    I had this same problem on Windows 7 64-bit. You may or may not have done this, but the drivers from Wacom's site actually install as programs onto your computer so you have to uninstall them from the control panel. You might try this, and look and see if there are any other older drivers there as well. Hope this helps, it did for me (I ended up having an old Bamboo driver from 2012 installed).

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