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Thread: Smudge Brush?

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    Smudge Brush?

    I have been doing a lot of smudge painting lately.. and was wondering if this is realistically possible with the Desktop version of Artrage. I can kind of get a smudge brush with the palette knife.. but it's not like other type smudgers (ie: photoshop or Gimp.) When I use the soft setting on palette.. I can't seem to get rid of the splatter.. which can be somewhat rectified by using the blur after.. but that's 2 steps..

    My question is.. does anyone know a setting that will give a good smudge effect? Or have any ideas?

    Here is a sample of my work to let you know the effect I am trying to achieve..

    Thanks in Advance..


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    I suppose the "Soft" tool is the closest AR equivalent to the "Smudge" tool as found in other software but I really don't find it useful for blending even in other software. I much prefer the possibilities offered by AR's knife tool.
    Listed below are some blenders I use a lot that other users have posted here in the forums. (You may have to go on a bit of a treasure hunt around here to find them I'm afraid!)

    For blending dry media in AR i.e. pencil, pastel etc… I often use the blenders found in Someonesane's "Pencil Work" AR Pack.
    Another favourite set of blenders of mine for blending watercolours can be found in an AR Pack called "Sumi"
    And for Oil Paints user Stevemawmv posted 3 of his often used blenders on the forums some place. Even AR's default default "Knife" presets offer some useful settings.

    Attached is a face I did, blended/smudged with Someonesane's "Pencil Work" blenders as an example.
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    If I understand that by 'smudge painting' you mean the type of painting where you use the original photograph and smudge the pixels to make it look like a painting.

    I have done this in PSP but not in AR - however, this is how I would tackle it. You could import your original image as a layer - File/Import Image File to Layer - or if you load the image as Tracing you can choose 'Convert Tracing Image to Paint'. Either way, I think this setting might work for you; of course play with the sliders.

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    FYI, link to 'Sumi' post as follows:

    Should save you the time searching!

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