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Thread: Upgrade coupon not working

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    Jan 2015

    Upgrade coupon not working

    I own Studio 3.5 and want to upgrade to AR 4. Unfortunately, when I click on the "upgrade to ArtRage 4" button in the members area, the check-out system doesn't recognize my coupon code. I've sent a couple of support tickets/emails to both ArtRage and to Avangate. No reply yet from ArtRage. I've only gotten bot responses from Avangate.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Usually this is because it has already been used by you at some point. If you sent an email recently, I may be just about to answer it; if not, could you contact me at and let me know the email for your member area account? I can then look up whether the coupon has been used, and find the details of how it was used (or whether something else has happened).
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    I sure will. Thanks!

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