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Thread: Better Eraser tool and Better Sticker tool for real bitmap painting

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    Lightbulb Better Eraser tool and Better Sticker tool for real bitmap painting

    I have lately used ArtRage's Ink Pen tool heavily to doing series of black and white illustrations.
    I miss ability to "invert" that Ink Pen tool for erasing, it would be great.
    Actually it would be great if any tool can be switch to erase.

    Now I have to use "white" paint and use Multiply Blending mode.
    Or even switch to another program to remove white.
    This is not so clean solution.

    I also suggest same as Henry Stahle at this thread:!-and-more

    I am very happy to current ArtRage4 64bit version
    I have used it almost exclusively besides Photoshop in my commercial and hobby works.


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    Yes, I'd very much second this - there are very few functions you find on other packages I'd love to see replicated in Artrage but painting into the alpha has to be an essential really, particularly for comic book linework. As Toni mentions, using multiply is a workaround of sorts but very cumbersome.

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    whoah. I just bumped up an old thread (got there from google search) which deals with my primary problem with the eraser: the lack of opaque but size-pressure sensitive setting.
    Then I came out to look at other recent topics, and this is nearly at the top.
    I can stand behind your suggestion easily!
    Eraser is dumb compared to everything else in this great software.

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    I agree there are problems with the eraser tool. I do find it frustrating that I can go into the stylus properties and set pen pressure to size only and still have the pressure of my stylus attenuate the pressure (opacity?) of the eraser stroke. I started a thread of my own on the topic of the eraser so as not to kidnap this discussion. You can see it here:

    I think that the introduction of layer masks would be my first choice to solve the whole question. We would get non-destructive editing in the bargain. :-)
    Be well,

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    Thinking on a way to do exactly that method of erasing, you could paint on a layer above your drawing to get the areas you want erase out and turn that into a selection and delete the selection from the drawing layer. These are all very digital techniques though and as the eraser currently is I rather like to be honest, though the ability to control the pressure with the pen should actually work I suppose. Like you mentioned here and I in Fashir's thread a Blend Mode "clear" would solve this with the ink pen though, (putting it on sticker spray too would be amazing), and layer masks would be fantastic too.

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