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    I've been playing with ideas for adverts and logos and stuff for my yarn shop.
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    Wonderful fun and so well done. I love them all, especially the sheep!

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    Those are cool. Which one do you think you'll use? I like the first one because my eyes go straight to the name first and foremost.

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    Just loovely, those aere. I really like them. Memorable, distinctive.

    The designer in me does have a recommendation regarding your text -- don't design anything important or that can get screwed up too close to your border. Mechanical printing processes generally have guidelines wherein they have some un-critical toward the edge where they can miss/crop a little. Vary rarely do they allow for a precise trim. It's not that they can't hit it precisely, but it's more insurance. And it can get expensive when the tops or bottoms of your lettering gets lost, especially when there's any scaling smaller to happen. Mistakes = fingers pointed, gloves off, dueling pistols, or you can simply keep throwing money at it after a re-design. So you may want to push your text away from the edge some and make it camera ready at this stage of the thinking/design process.

    The one color is very practical and you can apply it to lots of platforms, including your copper etching (I think that's what it was called). You can play with lots of different earthy materials too.

    Also as a suggestion, you may want to print these out at the various sizes you will be using them at.

    But enough about the mechanics of it. These are. . . how you say. . . a HOOT!

    Go man go!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks guys. Victor, I'm going with the first one, I've tidied up the text a bit to make it more symmetrical. Ta very Mr D Akey, I've followed your advice and given myself a 'margin' for things to go wrong. I've ordered some canvas bags, we will be doing some shows this year and people need some way of carrying all the yarn they buy. for those who are interested.

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    I like the first one also it draws your eye to the name

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    Really nice plackards!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    These are all very well done. They really do draw your attention.

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