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Thread: Selection tool doesn't work on Mac

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    Jan 2015

    Selection tool doesn't work on Mac

    Hey there,

    I just bought ArtRage 3.5. 12 Studio. I am using it on a iMac Yosemite with wacom tablet and/or mouse.
    No matter, if I use it with my pen our my mouse, the selection tool only creates either squares or circles/elipses. No matter what selection tool I chose.
    What can I do?

    One more question:
    Is there a way that art rage accepts the shortcuts programmed to my pen? I don't have problems with it in photoshop. I can do 'undo' with one of the buttons, but that doesn't work in art rage.

    Thanks for your help


    update: I just upgraded to ArtRage Studio 4 as I saw the 50% discount. Happy I did that. It's a big difference! And everything works well, even the wacom pen button. Thanks anyway and happy creating!
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    Glad it all worked out for you. Happy creating to you too
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    Hi maarta

    It sounds like you fixed everything by updating to ArtRage 4, so I hope you're having fun with the program.

    For the benefit of anyone else with the same issues:

    ArtRage Studio does not have the same range of selection tools as Studio Pro or ArtRage 4. However, unfortunately, some presets from Studio Pro were accidentally included in one of the Studio builds. These won't do anything in Studio. The incorrect presets should be fixed in the latest version, which can be downloaded from the member area.

    If you just bought Studio - presumably with a Wacom tablet - then I don't believe that they have 3.5.12 available for download yet (if it was on a CD, then it's definitely not 3.5.12.
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    thank you - art rage 4 is great

    Hi Hannah,

    thank you for your prompt reply anyway.
    I really enjoy working with artrage 4 and can just suggest to anybody using artrage 3.5 to upgrade. It is much more fun.


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    Quote Originally Posted by markw View Post
    Glad it all worked out for you. Happy creating to you too
    Thanks mark,

    yes, it all worked out for me with artrage 4. :-)

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