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Thread: Trying to resize layer getting skew instead, pls help!

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    Trying to resize layer getting skew instead, pls help!

    I generally won't use this approach until I have looked for at least a half hour. This is so noob, I looked for an hour...I have a mind that does not find the average phone book intuitive!

    Anyway...I made a lovely 3d stencil of a snowflake, and then went to transform the layer with intent to resize it. I get the handles, and hit shift to resize the image, and all I get is skewing of one form or another. Am wondering if my Mac has a problem, as Artrage has been so easy and fun! All the tools, none of the mess!

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    Hello and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    With the 'Transform' tool selected open the 'Settings' panel for it and choose one of the 3 mode options.
    Each subsequent time the tool is then activated, either directly as a "Tool" from the Tools panel or when using the 'Transform Layer Contents' layer option, this same setting will be used until such time as you select one of the other mode options.
    Note: The 'Transform Group Contents' option for layer groups will only let you use the 'Normal' transform mode.
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    It does sound like you have one of the other options selected. However, it's possible that you're just transforming the width or length - to resize the selected area evenly, make sure you are clicking on the corner handles. If you are clicking on the ones along the sides, you'll be telling it to resize only in that direction.

    Clicking Shift won't make any difference for the basic Transform.

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    (Note: You should also be aware that the Perspective and Skew options were added in ArtRage 4, so if you have an earlier edition, you won't be able to use them.)

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    Thumbs up Thank you both for the help.

    Have not had time to play, but this will be helpful indeed. I do this in Photoshop all the time with no problem. Thanks again, Marian

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