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    Talking Card Goblin

    Recently, I was asked by someone on Facebook to do a commissioned work for his upcoming cards+games website business.
    I usually apologize and explain that my current workload doesn't allow me the time to do side projects . . . and if I did accept, I couldn't guarantee a quick turnaround.

    But he was gracious, polite and seemed like a really nice guy when writing about the work he was looking for.
    So I agreed to do the image on a one-and-done deal; meaning I would sketch/ink/color the image once, based on his description, with no revisions or deadline.
    He agreed.

    About a month later, I finished and sent him the following image:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CardGoblinSmallSpot.jpg 
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    I could never do this type of work with Photoshop or Painter.
    ArtRage's Ink Pen makes this the best inking program I have ever used.
    Not only is the line control superior to other programs, but the interface makes zooming, image turning, size adjusting and erasing so easy.
    The simple fact that the interface disappears as your pen line crosses over an interface element is such a freedom for creating.

    So I would like to personally thank the people at ArtRage for creating this powerful little gem of a program.
    Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see what ArtRage does next!

    -Jim aka Arrrggghhh!

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    A really fine character and illustration. We share Your heartfelt appreciation and admiration for this software and our dear Artragers hosts!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Impressive work. I suspect you will be getting asked to do more like this.

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    Wow, so impressive Jim, like your work a lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by pat1940 View Post
    Wow, so impressive Jim, like your work a lot
    Thanks so much!
    I thought I'd attach the images that were done last year for a card game app called Dungeon Marauders.
    It was because of this work I did for my friend Steve's game that got the attention of someone in the UK looking for a similar design.

    Again, using Art Rage made it so much easier to do this work.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Dungeon Marauders - Arrrggghhh Ink.jpg 
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    Just a note.
    There is a fun event called Goblin Week coming up soon at the end of this month (JANUARY 25 THRU 31!!!!!).
    Basically, any artist can submit their drawings of goblins during that week.
    Selected work is printed into a collective volume (which you can only order that week.)
    I believe this is the 3rd year . . . it's a fun event . . . and it can be seen on Tumblr and Twitter by using #goblinweek.
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