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Thread: Cannot select layers!

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    Cannot select layers!

    Hello All, I have been using ArtRage (2) for a good while now but have only recently upgraded to 4.5 and started to get this problem of not being able to select any of the layers other than the one that's selected when I open a file. I can create a new layer ok but cannot select a different one then. I've saved it, reopened it, exported the layers to a new file, restarted the system. Those were the things I thought might shake off this error.
    Has anyone come across this problem or has any ideas? Any response would be welcome!

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    A single tap on the preview of a layer in the layers panel should select it. If that isn't working could you let us know what OS and what input device you are using?
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    Thanks for replying!, and your right about the layers. I had simply changed the canvas from landscape to portrait and was so used to tapping the edge of the "landscape'd" canvas that there was nothing to tap in portrait on the layer section. I felt a right fool when I figured that one out......

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