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Thread: pen inversion bug

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    pen inversion bug

    System: Lenovo X61 tablet with built-in Wacom digitizer, screen 1400x1050, Windows 7, all patches
    Artrage 4.5, downloaded today
    Before entering ArtRage, the screen had been rotated to landscape, 180 degrees from "normal", with the laptop battery upmost. If the screen had been in keyboard viewing position, it would have been landscape and upside down.

    Upon loading the app for the first time, a dialog box appeared regarding check for updates.

    After the dialog box was dismissed, the following behavior occurred:
    *The displayed pen contact indicator point appeared 180 degrees away from the actual pen contact point.*
    This was fixed once by exiting the program and restarting it.
    The contact point followed the pen until one of the menus was invoked. The contact indicator point now moved to the 180 degree position.
    Artrage was exited, and restarted.
    The contact point remained in the 180 degree position.
    Artrage was exited.
    The screen was now rotated in steps a full 360 degrees, ending up in the position described above.
    Artrage was restarted.
    The program now works correctly, but there may be other upsets not yet known.

    It appears that ArtRage is not polling for the screen orientation consistently. In some cases, it substitutes a constant value instead of the variable. At least this is what I suspect, having had some experience with Windows Foundation Classes.

    Please fix!

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    ArtRage processes incoming event messages from Windows regarding screen orientation, apps don't poll the OS for screen orientation actively, they rely on incoming data from the system. This sounds more like a driver issue (I found a couple of similar issues reported with other apps as well) so could you check that you have full updated the graphics driver specifically (the graphics driver is responsible for reporting screen orientation) and the tablet drivers.

    Note with tablet drivers that you should not use drivers from any source other than Lenovo - while Wacom does provide a generic tablet driver that may work with the system, they provide that same driver to the hardware vendor who customises it specifically for the system you're running so you may have issues running the generic Wacom version if there is a Lenovo version.

    If that does not work, send a mail to us at and we can do some troubleshooting to see if we can find out what's happening for you. There's a chance that there is something that needs to be changed in ArtRage but we're not experiencing this on the Surface Pro which uses the same screen orientation system events to communicate with the product so it seems more likely to be device level.
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    pen inversion bug

    Thank you. You were correct in your suspicion. I am using the Wacom driver, and it was a Wacom bug.

    Happily, Wacom has continued to update the driver, as recently as August.
    The driver with the bug was version 7.0.9-5
    The updated driver, which does not have the bug, is 7.2.0-10

    The driver is available on the Wacom "legacy drivers" page, for "Tablet PC", as "ISD_DualTouch_720-10.exe"

    Thinkpad X61 tablet users prefer this driver because it has pressure sensitivity. There do not appear to be any customization issues in this case.

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    Thanks very much for letting us know! That's useful information to have.
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