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Thread: How to quit the Artrage app?

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    How to quit the Artrage app?

    How can I quit the ArtRage app on Android?

    I can not find any quit function in any menu.

    If I use the Android back button to close ArtRage it always saves the current
    image - but I just want to quit AR without saving.

    When I started ArtRage, it loaded the last image automatically and I painted
    on it, because I wanted to test something - when ready, I quit ArtRage and
    it automatically saved the changed image - original image ruined - bamm!

    Why not

    quit - save+quit - cancel

    as options?

    Or didn't I saw the proper function to quit without saving?

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    This is the way that Android apps close, so we had to work the same way.

    To avoid saving over an existing painting, you can:

    1. Start a fresh painting when you start ArtRage
    2. Undo changes before closing
    3. *Within ArtRage* leave the painting for the gallery, or a new canvas, which will give you options to save, or discard changes, then close the app.

    You can also kill the ArtRage process from the Android app manager, interrupting the save, but this will have fairly random results (as you can't tell how much has saved before you kill it, and it may damage the original painting).

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    I dont know whether this will work on the android the same as ipad, when i finish what I am doing i go to the gallery which asks, do you want to save. You can then safely close the program any way, it will then open again in the gallery so you can pick what you want to edit.
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    Hi Hannah,

    When hitting that back-button to leave some Android programs I have seen the programs pop up a menu that tells you to hit the back button again to close it, or to select a provided option to save the material with a new filename before closing, etc. The key is that before closing, it provides a pop-up window with options. It would be nice if Android-AR had a similar feature. WAZE has a similar feature like this- you are forced to re-select shut-down or cancel. Yahoo Mail app has one for saving unsaved email drafts in progress, and/or to keep working, etc. One reason for providing these options is to prevent what is a common accidental shutdown of Android apps. The are really helpful.

    The AR version could pop up a window, for example, that had three options: Option 1: Save file with new file name before closing AR. Option 2: Close AR. Options 3: Cancel close.

    Another help related to this, is there any reason Android-AR can't have a default to open with a clean canvas? That would be great (and maybe there already is an option for it and I just haven't found it?).

    By the way, I just started using AR for Android mobile devices. I'm blown away at how terrific it is. Just a great piece of work by the AR Team.
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