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Thread: colorize/lazy brush gmic - better fill workflow / algorythm is open source

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    colorize/lazy brush gmic - better fill workflow / algorythm is open source

    There is a new technology out there for filling in areas with color- and it is much much better than the bucket tool.
    It all started with lazybrush - a plugin for tvPaint.
    The author of the plugin released the technical paper outlining how it works.

    Some g'mic developers were tipped about it (by me) and they implemented it as a filter- the filter is catching fire atm- with krita and mypaint devs working hard on getting gmic included.

    it can also replace colors

    The developer of the filter also made another one, based on it and also wrote how it works here:

    David Revoy wrote an excellent article on how it differs from the bucket tool and what are it's advantages over it.

    Now my suggestion is to do one of the following:
    1. include g'mic support for artrage. Gmic is an open source technology, its filters are multiplatform (no need for porting)
    It updates its filters by downloading their scripts from a repository. That way artrage gains access to a huge library of filters, not only the colorize one and the background extraction one.

    2. Implement something similar to the colorize filter - its much much better than the bucket tool

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    Well that takes so much exacting work out of it. Great invention!

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    That would be really helpful. It's always a pain painting all colour areas OR cleaning up after using the bucket tool.

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