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Thread: Share Your Product Photos!

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    Share Your Product Photos!

    If you ordered stuff online through our printing service, we'd love to see how your prints and things turned out, as well as hear what you did with it (did you hang it on your wall? Raffle it off for charity? Give it as a gift?). Please share your photos and/or stories in this thread!

    (If you have questions about how it all works, please read instead)

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    what a great service

    having this service integrated in Art Rage is a very exceptional addition. I recently took my work "Joyful Village" and had it printed on some large postcards. They came out great and the packaging for them was of exceptional quality. I showed them to a dear friend and she kept them to mail out to friends etc ... now I think I will order 3 different sets and them mix them up and send them out as gifts... what a great service and they were quite fast in getting them back to me.

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