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Thread: Feature Request: Background Saving

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    Feature Request: Background Saving

    Photoshop added this much needed feature a couple of versions ago.

    I'm sure I'm not alone in this but my art rage files can be huge. It sometimes takes up to 3 mins to save a file, so it feels like I have to press play/rec on my tape recorder and go get a sandwich. First world problems, I know, but it stops me from making a save should I lose work and completely breaks the flow of energy I have when working on an illustration.

    Please put this on the list of new features!

    Much obliged,

    PS. It's not all doom and gloom, I'm loving the S out of ArtRage. It's my new favourite app.

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    +1 autosave may be nice as well. I use the "tablet tool bar" but it's save function yields a .png and other files, not the AR painting file.

    [EDIT 12/11/14]

    I found out, that on the Toolbar, if you press and hold the [Save] icon, it will save the painting in the AR format! SWEET!!
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