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Thread: need some magic for my magic wand

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    need some magic for my magic wand

    I had mentioned in a previous post how I want to put a layer of white beneath a cartoon sketch so I can airbrush pastel color in - I really like that effect and need the white underlayer in place because I need to save the sketch itself as a transparent png (thus the need to have the white parts in place).

    I thought I could easily take the magic wand and create a shape that I could paint white in. Two things have happened. In one trial, the sketch turned into a mask and the shape of it retained as a transparent png - just the opposite of what I wanted to achieve. This may have happened using the wrong type of selection for the magic wand.

    I referred back to the tutorial here and chose the square shape under the magic wand - now when I attempt to paint in (on a separate layer) it just grabs pieces of my sketch to fill in with white when I use the paint bucket... I am assuming that I am lacking complete closure because it is a sketch and the program can't tell where to drop the color?

    This newbie would be grateful for any tips! IT Jane

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    OK, got it! It took quite some time but for future reference:

    1. Sketch is on layer 1.
    2. Add new layer below sketch - this will be layer 2.
    3. On layer 2 and with the sketch still visible in layer 1, grab the magic wand tool in "Replace" mode (the first icon which looks like a square on the magic wand tab) and then further below in the same box, click "INVERT SELECTION"
    4. Using the magic wand I sort of dragged the wand to corral my sketch (I'm not on my sketch layer - layer 2 is the active layer)... the wand really truly seems to "grab" the sketch.
    5. I then chose to hide the sketch but could still see those "marching ants" outlining my sketch.. and then was able to paint white onto the second layer.

    Hope this helps the next person in this boat! - IT Jane

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