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Thread: Transparent background causes problems with airbrushing/painting in final product

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    Transparent background causes problems with airbrushing/painting in final product

    This link discusses briefly the cartoon technique I am duplicating layer-wise:

    I feel I have a good grasp of layers. I want to make an ink sketch and then apply airbrushing to that, then export the image as a transparent png to be used on a shirt or card of color. Problem is, I want the area around my sketch to be transparent, NOT my airbrushing (think cartoon object).

    What is the best way to approach this? Add another layer of white behind my sketch before applying the airbrush? (By the way, I take an eraser and remove any airbrush that goes outside the sketch lines).

    Thanks! IT Jane

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    If the airbrush strokes aren't completely opaque then you would need to put a white background behind them to avoid transparency in that area. If your airbrush is supposed to apply solid colour you could take the Pressure value of the tool up to 100% which will ensure solid backgrounds behind the centre of the stroke. If you're not looking for soft feathered edges you can take the hardness of the airbrush up but at that point you might be better using the Inking Pen (with Smoothing turned to 0%) as it produces pretty much the same result.
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    Thanks for the reply, Matt. The white background is what I thought, just didn't know if I was missing something. Thanks for the other ideas, I will experiment with that as well! -IT Jane

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