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Thread: Exporting some layers as png, but not all

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    Exporting some layers as png, but not all

    I have a project that i was drafting with several ideas. I wanted to take just two of the layers (an inked drawing, and the coloring of it) and then export that as a png. Maybe ArtRage doesn't allow that?

    Previously, I have just deleted all unused layers and then exported entire project as png - so that would be an option. In addition, if I could export just the two layers, could I just export a selection and not the entire unused canvas... or am I better off enlarging my drawing to fill the entire canvas - centering it and then exporting it?

    Hope that all makes sense!

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    We do have the option to export a layer as an image (Tools / Layer Options / Export Layer, or the Export Layer option from the Layers panel). We don't have the option to select multiple layers and export those as a combined PNG but you can always merge the layers you want together (after duplicating them so that the originals aren't destroyed) then export the merged result.
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    Another way to export selected layers together as a png, is to turn the visibility off on all unwanted layers and then export from the file menu. Only what is visible will show up in the exported png. Turning the visibility on and off of the different layers will not disturb your complete painting and it will not add extra overall size to your working file.
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