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Thread: Combining multiple script recordings into 1?

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    Combining multiple script recordings into 1?

    So I recorded a painting over 3 sessions, and I never checked the "include current painting" box. So I have 3 script files, but the last 2 are, of course, missing the previous visual information. I have tried using a text editor to combine the <events> sections together, in order, but it's not quite working, as the scripts dont seem to run together properly. When script 2 starts playing, there are just lots of "layer hidden" errors, which I guess is because the sequence is a bit off.

    Can someone inform me on how to properly combine the files in a text editor? Which <startup> section should I use? Thanks!

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    It's technically possible, but it can get very, very complicated and painting-specific, and requires directly editing the scripts.

    Issues you can run into include the fact that it's replaying strokes, so if you are painting over a previous script, it may be mixing with the earlier paint in unexpected ways (adding a new layer to separate them would help solve this). Also if you're copying and pasting or doing anything with specific external or shared resources, or if each script has different layers and canvas set up, you may run into issues (as the first poster discovered). And because every single script is different and there are so many ways to mess around in the code, and it wasn't designed to merge easily, this isn't something we can support easily right now if you run into trouble. We do support the 'include current painting' option to allow people to finish a painting and record a script for it.

    But if you're comfortable messing around in script code, it's possible.

    How? The first poster had it right, but were getting caught out by all the different variables between the scripts. If you start with a very, very basic series of paintings, it will work. But the more complications you add to the script, the more chance of running into serious problems (which you may be able to fix by editing the script directly, but that may also cause other complications).

    1. Read for an overall guide to editing scripts.
    2. Open the two (or more) scripts with Notepad (or similar)
    3. Keep all the initial code from the first script, that's the program set up stuff. In fact, don't edit the first script at all except to add the second script for now. You can mess around with it later if you want.
    4. Second script: copy everything *after*

    //================================================== =========================
    // Script data follows:
    //================================================== =========================

    and copy it to the end of the first script.

    5. Save it, and play it back with ArtRage.

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