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Thread: Importing custom colors/color schemes

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    Question Importing custom colors/color schemes

    I am using the paid version of artrage 4.5.2...

    Creating color schemes with Artrage is just a little difficult for me (not a bug just a personal thing) so I use another program (Colorschemer studio) to create color schemes. However, .COL (which seems to be the default that artrage saves it's color palettes in) is not an available file type for exporting a color scheme in Colorschemer studio. Is there another way to bring in a color scheme (not via reference)? Does ArtRage support other kinds of palette files?

    If you are curious Colorschemer Studio exports the following kinds of files (.gif and .png are excluded):
    HTML Color Table
    CSS Style Sheet
    Adobe Swatch Exchange
    Adobe Photoshop Color Palette
    Adobe Illustrator Color Palette
    Macromedia FreeHand
    Corel Painter Color Set
    Color Table
    XML File

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    We don't support any other types of file at this point unfortunately, the reference method is the only method for getting sample sets in from other applications at this time.
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