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Thread: Fried egg:)

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    Hey Violet....
    Absolutely fantastic job on the egg and a real treat watching your video of the painting of it.....Don't know how an egg can make one remember memories of the past...But guess what!
    ......I Use to visit my granny and she would make sunny side up eggs biscuits, gravy, toast, hash brown potatoes, Sausage and bacon....yes and bacon!
    Generally I couldn't eat lunch and sometimes dinner after having a breakfast like that.....But that was a part of visiting her, she loved to cook for you!
    Again, loved the egg.....
    Take care,
    Haha yes it does remind me lots of memories.. Thanks for watching!
    wow your granny is so good! That's what we called brunch

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    Super nice! Love the detail. Bacon, please?
    I'm an artist. I draw flies . . .

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    Looking even more delicious

    The bacon is a nice addition. Anybody with the toast?

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    This here painting's turning into a right pot luck. . . Put that 'starving artist' concept to bed. Ever want to know what painters love, it's to eat. More please.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    Dear Vvioletx, glad You appreciated the bacon, but Steve's SuperBurger is a pairlessly rich breakfast now! Dietologists though would exorcise them all with a cross though beacause they would turn us into fat meatballs.

    Dear D Akey, we laughed very much at Your story about the hen and the pig (let's leave Enug's and Robyn's lambs and sheep out for the moment). A consideration therefrom is that perhaps we should be more merciful about Orwell's pigs attitude, since they had such a total commitment in the centuries that we may understand they eventually got fed up ... LOL
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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