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Thread: Rachelle's gallery

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    Rachelle's gallery


    Edited on January 5th, 2015, just to change the thread's title.
    Formerly known as 'New abstract, found a way to use 'Difference' blend mode with a white base layer.'

    Re-edited on January 13th, 2015, to end up with my more definitive thread title, simply Rachelle's gallery.


    Greetings ArtRage folks,

    My first post here!

    I've been using ArtRage 3 for a couple of years now, and visiting the forum from time to time. Many of you have sparked the creativity when my paintbrush was on low batteries.

    I mostly work with Oil (ArtRage Oil, that is!), and 'Blend modes' such as 'Difference'. I never quite know where I'll end up, starting randomly with color and shapes, letting the process guide me on a color and texture journey. As I dive into a painting by Transforming layers, shapes and color start standing out, and I then Transform some more, playing with Blend modes till I'm satisfied.

    Here is the abstract piece I did today, with a new technique I wasn't using before: I usually keep the bottom layer on 'Normal' blend mode, but this time I checked what colors I would get if I set the bottom layer on 'Difference' too. I really liked it! yet when I Merged the layers, the result wouldn't have the same colors I had on screen before Merging. After much trials and tribulations, I eventually intuited that if I used a bottom layer of all white (Bucket tool), my desired result would still show after Merging all layers.

    Here it is:'s a bird!'s a plane!... it's an abstract.
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    Last edited by Rachelle; 01-13-2015 at 07:34 PM. Reason: I changed the title of my thread, to now use it as a main gallery.

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    Rachelle: I loved your painting! It is a very personal style, and you have achieved incredible transparencies and textures ... I confess I do not properly use the theme "Blend mode" in the layers of Art Rage ... Congratulations, and we hope your next job.

    Rachelle: Me encantó tu pintura! Es un estilo muy personal, y tú has logrado increíbles transparencias y texturas... Confieso que no manejo adecuadamente el tema "Blen mode" en las capas de Art Rage ... Felicitaciones, y esperamos tus próximos trabajos.
    Regards from Chile
    "El arte no reproduce lo visible. Lo hace visible" Paul Klee

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    Greetings damasocl,
    and thank you for your kind words of appreciation

    I do 'specialize' (or at least focus quite a lot!) on transparencies, mostly in an attempt to render the illusion of depth via layers of veils.

    Although this is not related to the title of my thread, here is something I just 'almost-finished' - I will still want to do some fine-tuning on a few pixels... white base layer used on this painting... question to anyone: can we change the title of our own thread, once it published? I can't yet bring myself to start a new thread for every painting I post

    Here it is: for the time being, I call it "ballerina standing so very still, generating movement all around" (24x30inch)
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    Hi Rachelle, wonderful to see your fabulous paintings and hear some of your methods.

    Your work is a joy to look at, and there are so many details to enjoy. You have obviously thought a lot about how to achieve different effects. Art Rage is just amazing when it is mixed with enthusiastic, creative artists.

    I have only played a little with Difference, tending more towards Multiply and Overlay. I'm going to have another go!

    Now to change your title, it's easy. Just go to your first post, go to Edit Post, and change the Title name. Having a thread that work is added to is good if you're doing lots.

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    Another interesting one! It looks like You're playing with soap bubbles from a 5 dimensional world ...
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Great outcome, Rachelle, beautiful!

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    I love this. The colors are brilliant. If you ever upgrade to Art Rage 4, you will find a few more tools to experiment with. The fill tool is interesting and you would be surprised what you can come up with in paintings such as this one.

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    So fascinate.. Awesome paintings!

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    Yay another abstract painter!.... welcome and I love these they are very rich in form and texture. I hope we see more and more from you. Something you might try is to use the brush or ink pen with high smoothing and free drawing in some thick lines. the under layers lock the transparency. This will keep you from painting into any new areas. Then use the eraser to erase what you have done or you can just paint over using different colors and directions or painting tools to your previous brush strokes... have fun... can't wait to see new works

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    Certainly very evocative with allusions to other levels of perception, real or imagined, and visually very interesting from all the saturation. Makes it very dynamic. I could see someone choosing it as a cover graphic for a book on psychology or something equally universal, with an 'exploring dimensions in. . .' kind of theme, anything from chemistry to physics to new age spirituality. It would indicate excitement in exploration. . . either that or a brochure for tours of the lands of the crystalline jukebox.
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