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Thread: iPad Symmetry

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    iPad Symmetry

    I love Artrage but it's almost unusable without the option of symmetry, I need this feature to accurately produce the results I need, using the transform tool is not an option as I need the live symmetry to work efficiently and so that I can keep adjusting pieces when needed, it also serves as a creative function.This is much needed basic feature for any professional art application l, to be honest I am perplexed that Artrage has not implemented this important feature. I would even settle for a a symmetry feature than can only be used with certain tools as to reduce the amount of processing power needed. I feel that artrage would benefit substantially from implementing a symmetry feature, it is a feature many artists use. Is this a feature that is going to be implemented in the very near future? I would appreciate anyone that believes this is an important and much needed feature to leave a comment. I would appreciate any feedback thank you.

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    Hi there,

    We already replied regarding this in your other thread here:
    ArtRage UI
    Ambient Design.

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