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Thread: Lets Post brushes!

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    Lightbulb Lets Post brushes!

    I absolutely love seeing everybody's different brushes on here and trying them out myself, some have been an enormous help with some of my art projects ^^
    I was hoping we could get a thread going where everyone posts or links their brushes that they were open to sharing with others.
    I'm sure we would all appreciate it I know I would! (:

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    There are some custom resources, brushes ect. posted on Artrage on Deviantart. Here is a link to them.

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    Some great Photoshop brushes here too:

    The sets that I've tried all seem to work fine with AR 4.5.2 - I just followed someonesane's excellent video tutorial available here: and installation was simple and successful!
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    Your own brushes

    How about making your own brushes. It isn't really difficult.
    1. Do a drawing on a transparent background.
    2. Use a red color for the drawing.
    3. Export and Save the drawing as a PNG.
    4. Open the sticker pod and select a group or add a new group for yourself.
    5. Click on "New". Name your brush, then find your PNG drawing and select it. It will show in the small window under the "Color". Click "OK" You will find your drawing is now a sticker.
    6. To use it like a brush, click on the sticker tool. Find your sticker by clicking on "Setting".
    7. Find your new group and select the new sticker.
    8. It can now be used as a brush.
    9. Experiment with the settings

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