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Thread: Camel Butte Landscape

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    Camel Butte Landscape

    This is a commissioned piece. Part of a series - Icons of The Southwest. From references. Digitally painted using ArtRage4. Oils. Realism. Finished image printed on canvas, 24x30" unframed

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Makes me remember visiting there

    Truly a wonderful and accurate representation of the beauty of that western land. Very nice!

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    Very nice Skylar. I particularly like the grasses etc in the front. So well done!

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    Beautifully done!

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    Hi Skylar, great to hear from you again. I love the southwest, the colors and openness of the sky. you have captured it so well here... the people that commissioned it should be very happy.

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    Nice and scrubby just like the real deal. Good one. I know it's a personal choice, and in some ways the out of focus bit is groovy, sort of like a multiplane animation look, so on that level it's really cool. My tastes, for a painting, I like also when the focus is painted in so it has a whole unifying feel where the brushwork and color mixing does that. But it's all rockin'. Really great colors and brushwork in this. Nice painting Skyler. Good to see you back. Am enjoying your painting style.
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    What an airy, nice painting, dear Skylar! So nice to have You back in here!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Nice work and well done.

    One question about this large size, did you find a lot of drag waiting with some brush strokes? I have an older computer from around the 2005 era with Windows XP, and have slow motion brush pick up problems with some brush strokes with a lot of different graphic arts software. Usually after document size images (8.5 X 11) I start getting brush strokes that slow down progressively the larger the image might be, frustrating since I would like to paint images on computer the same sizes I used to work with natural media: oils, acrylics, pastels, or pen and ink. Been using intel Pentium or duo core with 3 GB of RAM for past several years.
    Are you finding the same situation or perhaps with a newer computer like Intel I7 or latest AMD processors the brushes run faster working an image 24 X 30?
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    Brilliant work as is all of your art. Most look fantastic printed on canvas....

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    How beautiful, Skylar, wonderful work.

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