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Thread: Witch Weekly

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    Witch Weekly

    It is loaded with information...such as,
    How to keep scaly warty skin, dangerous mushrooms and toadstool tea,
    Bathing a black cat, and so much more.
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    She's got something brewing, an' it's all about the enchantment I would venture to guess. . .
    Nice painting. Off putting yet oddly alluring all at the same time. . .

    Interestingly enough, she resembles a little the Indian deity Kali who is maybe going to a Halloween party for the gods.

    Your parody of a magazine is very funny and charming. Great stuff. Is this one of your favorite holidays? You really seem inspired.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    Alexandra this is more sofisticate painting
    Visit my website here

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    Already sent a subscription of this magazine to my ex-wife anonymously sometime back...Ok Ok! Sounds like Rodney Dangerfield Henny Youngman jokes about their wifes..Good title though, as matter of fact my wife was one weekly!
    All kidding aside...Love the cover, fun Halloween stuff Sandy.....and all fairness to my ex-wife....we have a manageable relationship... oops I think that contract is up for renewal soon ...Hahaha!
    Take care,

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    very stylish !

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    Ooo I like this, cool idea and she is very chic!

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    Sheer genius! .... and what an enchanting witch! Dear Sandra, Your natural art and charme always emerge and Your humor is fantastic as ever! No black magic wizard might change it!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Haha what a charmingreen lady!

    That's what art's about, isn't it -- at some point it's about the relationship between the art and the viewer, sort of like speed dating. (D Akey)

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    Isn't she fabulous!

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    Hey, you're right D Akey, she does, doesn't she?
    I started sketching her, and this is who emerged from the pencil.
    Yes, I guess I do enjoy this time of year. Probably because of my family,
    trying to keep things light and happy for them.
    Thanks so much!

    Hi Sabena, thank you dear lady. I think I need to update some of our art projects.
    I think you had a magazine cover one started? I will try to get this one uploaded if you did.
    A fun one to make!

    Uh oh Steve, tss careful though, this one has a little info on
    ex husband enchantments! This is one magazine I wouldn't want an ex to have!
    I am sure Cesare would be able to manufacture Warlock Weekly though
    and have some counter spells to help with any negative ones you may
    Thanks dear man, and I do hope that the relationship stays on the positive side!

    Thank you dear Waheed!

    Thank you dear Hildee!

    Thank you Cesare, always appreciated dear friend. She was so fun to make! (I do think she wouldn't approve though of her muscular warlock friend helping a mortal woman repair her just isn't done!)

    Thanks so much Andrea!

    Hi Robyn, I think it may the dress from Alexandra of Black Hats and More.
    Made from the finest black sheep's wool from Neil of Scotland,
    and custom designed for Freida. Thank you!

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