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Thread: Create Precise selections

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    Create Precise selections

    Is there a way to create precise selections on a layer for editing other than the selection tool. I need to follow a contour of a shape and remove part of it.

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    That's pretty much the point of the selection tool, so possibly not.

    However, a stencil might help? (If you're having trouble selecting a smooth curve, or something similar).

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    Well, I suppose it depends on exactly what you're trying to achieve. Essentially, you can use any of the drawing tools in ArtRage to "mask" an area on the canvas, by painting on a new layer above your other layers, and then use the "Select Layer Contents" option (found under the Edit menu) to make a selection of that area. This would allow you essentially paint your 'selection', so you'd have the benefit of the accuracy afforded by tools like the ink pen or pencil. I don't yet have a video that covers this specifically, but the following video I made touches on the idea behind this: Painting Around Imported Images With ArtRage Studio Pro
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