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Thread: Wacom Creative Stylus 2

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    Oct 2014

    Wacom Creative Stylus 2


    I think ArtRage is the best painting app out there. I was impressed with the desktop demo so I bought a Wacom Creative Stylus 2 in the hope that I could use the iPad and ArtRage to sketch, but found ArtRage's stylus support a bit lacking. If you revisit stylus support in ArtRage here is my list of things that would make drawing much easier:

    • Proper palm rejection. Being able to rest your palm on the screen while drawing is essential - keeping your hand off the screen at all times is a big strain and very unnatural. Other Creative Stylus 2 supporting apps appear to have this support built in. The current 'touch rejection', where it only draws when the pen has pressure is in practise not very useful.
    • Remapping of the buttons on the stylus. If customising them is too much work, at the very least one of the buttons should act as an eraser.
    • I think this might be the stylus's fault rather than ArtRage, but there is a border around the edge of the screen where you cannot begin a stroke or perform a tap with the pen. This makes selecting tools with the stylus tricky.


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    Thumbs up

    Very much agree with you

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    Oct 2014
    My creative stylus 2 hasn't gotten much use as a result of this. I'm glad that ArtRage has left-handed support at least unlike Autodesk Sketchbook.

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    Creative Stylus 2 and more

    Hi guys!

    I noticed another bug , a rebellious trait ! in other words, when I do a risk with the pen trace begins with a defect in trace the beginning !

    I also have a suggestion. need some button to hide the options bar, or change her position. below is not cool, I'm bumping it while drawing.


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    Jan 2015

    Wicks 2

    Hi all,
    Wics2 is not supporting palm rejection in Artrage and never will.
    Moreover, on iPad air 2 it is full unsupported. You can read the Wacom page.
    Got to Wacom intuos creative stylus 2 page and slide down to the supported apps.
    Also, see the statement about supported devices
    The same situation you will get with Procreate
    Have a nice future

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