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Thread: While were waiting... Again!... A NEW! Sketchbook...

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    Thumbs up While were waiting... Again!... A NEW! Sketchbook...

    I've just been trying out the new full version 3 of autodesk sketchbook from the google app store for android, and it's been a happy surprise!. It not only feels faster/smoother, but it also looks a lot like sketchbook pro 6 (pc version), with smudge brushes, and wait for it!, they've FINALLY! Included the long missing cut/copy/paste function, and YES!, with transformations as well!. SO!, while were still waiting for the Artrage app, i can say it's a vast boost in quality for this app, so much, that all the tablet/moblie/note 10.1 versions i have seem now to be redundant. Some comments on the google app store moan about having to pay again for this app, but trust me, it's a new and completely rebuilt version of this app, and it's go a lot of new features, including a floating brush size/opacity puk option like the pc version, and a guide line option. So i'm off to explore this new version and i can say this is a MUST! have app to replace ALL the previous versions. So until the Artrage app, ENJOY!!!...
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    A must for me.

    SketchBook Pro is $24.99 / year. My account is working on SketchBook Pro for my Windows, iOS, and Android devices, that is on all 3 devices. I just sign into my account and enjoy. I really think this is a great way of having all programs, on desktop, laptop,tablet (and even mobilephone) in one single subscription. All upgrades payed and the Software Company has the Money steadily coming in from the subscribers. How about that Ambient Design?

    A good payment method that also Adobe uses. I have the photo combo Photoshop + Lightroom + all the benefits of CreativeCloud for about 100 SEK / month, automated. I use the Microsoft Office in the same way; an automated subscription per month. Is this subscription model something for ArtRage?

    Sketchbook Pro is a must for me because of the perspective tools, they are just great! Brushes are OK. But the UI is one of the best, very close to ArtRages... SketchBook Pro is well worth investing in.
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