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    Image Size

    Hello everyone - my first post - hopefully many more as I develop...
    but I'm doing a drawing for someone in Artrage v1.4 on my iPad, and am told

    'the ideal pixel size would be 7000 x 5000.
    So set photoshop up to 420mm x 594mm then to 300dpi… '

    But, obviously it's in Artrage, not PS - and I Can't see anywhere to adjust the image size... any pointers appreciated!


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    Unfortunately, the iPad app isn't capable of sizes that large. The largest it can go is 2048x2048 pixels.

    You would set the canvas size in the 'New Canvas' set up screen (you can't resize it after you start). Look for the pixel size under the canvas preview image and tap it to enter a new number.

    However, the desktop version is capable of sizes that large. If you have access to that (I recommend 4.5 as 7000 pixels is pretty big and earlier versions may struggle on many computers), then you can also turn on Record Script in the New Canvas screen and playback your iPad painting at a much larger size.

    Of course, if you have access to a desktop version, then it may be easier to just paint your work there.

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