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Thread: iPad Air crashing when zooming on Version 1.6

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    Exclamation iPad Air crashing when zooming on Version 1.6

    iPad air 64 gig
    I turn on the creative stylus on the ipad Settings
    and Everytime I zoom in or out, the app closes.

    I have already tried reinstalling, power cycling the ipad...

    If the creative stylus set on settins is set to no stylus it doesn´t crash after zooming.

    please help resolve this I really Want to startusing my creative stylus 2 on your app!

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    We've had a few other reports, and it looks like there's an issue with the latest iOS update. We're looking into it now, and thank you for reporting the bug.

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    ipad air crashing

    my ipad air (64 GB) is also crashing with my Wacom Intuos Creative stylus (version 1).
    doesnt crash when using my finger to draw.

    it didnt do this with the previous update, infact it worked quite nicely

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    This bug has been fixed and uploaded to the App Store. It should be available to download within a week.

    Thank you to everyone that reported this issue and allowed us to fix it quickly!

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