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Thread: a wild idea about masks...

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    Mar 2007

    a wild idea about masks...

    I've been trying to think about an ArtRagey implementation of masks, that would be more unique than the typical masking stuff of photoshop and the likes. I've been wondering if there may be a way, of course I have no idea, but if there may be a way to separate mouse from pen. I know, I've probably lost you right now, but anyway... ...may just work with the pen and hotkeys... ...the idea is: Cutting guide masks. And a set of preset curve guides or so (standart stuff). You could then basically freehand place the guide and spray over top for example, or lay it down as a solid mask guide of some sort. I'm not sure about the terminology of that, but do you know what I mean? This could be a very unique implementation of masks in a very "normal artist's life" usage type of way.

    Just some ideas...

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    Aug 2006
    WOW! the mighty Taron. I'm looking forward to your LW dvd. I'm a big fan of your artwork.
    I did some mochup's some time ago with something similar, here's the thread.

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    Mar 2007
    Hi Taron,

    I've been playing around with a painting for the past few days and wishing I could put some frisket on it and mask off certain areas, it would make it so much easier.

    This should be one for the Wish Box

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    Nov 2006
    United States
    Frisket would be cool, even though I've never used it in real life. The smell gives me a migraine. :lol:

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