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Thread: Line continues after pen removed

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    Line continues after pen removed

    When I draw using felt pen or other pens, when I stop a stroke and remove the pen from my Intuos 4XL Wacom tablet, the line continues slightly. I have tried pausing before removing the pen, but it keeps on happening and as a result adds extra ink to canvas ruining what I have sketched.

    My movements are quite slow and deliberate, so it is definitely not pen lag.

    Is there a simple setting somewhere I have missed either in Artrage 4.5 or the Wacom tablet? It seems so obvious, that I'm sure there is a fix somewhere (I hope!).

    Many thanks

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    I suspect what you're seeing is just the line completing after you let go of the cursor. If you pay close attention, it should be extending to the midpoint of your cursor at the point where you stop drawing (even though the line doesn't appear to go that far before you stop). There's a lag, of sorts, built into the stroke because ArtRage doesn't completely finish drawing until you lift the pen, in case you change your stroke at the last moment.

    It should act the same way no matter how long you hold the pen down before lifting it; it's just waiting for that final piece of information from you.

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