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Thread: Photoshop Filters Now On Macs!

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    Photoshop Filters Now On Macs!

    Well now here's some good news for us Mac users of AR4.5.
    Quietly and without fanfare Ambient Design seem to have fixed the use of Photoshop filters on Macs!!!
    Quite by chance today I found AR was now displaying all my Photoshop filters as being available for use!
    Take note though, all my PS filters are 32bit and they will only work when using AR4.5 in 32bit mode, try them in 64bit mode and AR will crash.

    OK having had a closer look at what's available now, it looks like it's mostly filters that I've got from FlamingPear that are now working, plus one or two of those that came packaged with Photoshop Elements.
    Still, that still gives me 40 or so functioning filters from within AR4.5 that I didn't have before!
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    Yeah, this is big. I've got Topaz Labs suite of tools to work. Epic. I hope it doesn't go away - ever!

    I can't get Imagenomics Noiseware to work nor Digital Film Tool's Rays plugin however.

    Today, Topaz issued a statement via FB that ArtRage is not a supported program. Hopefully they won't kill the compatibility.
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