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Thread: PS brushes

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    PS brushes

    i know that the most PS brushes don't gone work no more in artrage 64 bit but i found any how a brush that was made doe 32 and 64 bit systems. i dl these brushes and they PS but NOt in artrage even i have put the 32 bit in the 32 bit version of artrage and the 64 bit in the version 64 bit of artrage.
    i have some brushes in 32 bit version and the work but not the latest one;(
    This is the link to that brush

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    I have imported PS brushes into 4.5 successfully. I think the reason why the one you refer to will not install in AR is because it is not actually a brush but a preset. Also for the brush to work in the way demonstrated in the video you would need to use mask layers and I don't see anywhere in AR where you could do that.

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