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Thread: Skull Sketcher - free artist tool

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    Skull Sketcher - free artist tool

    The following info is from the website.

    Skull Sketcher is the first of our real time applications for traditional artists. Combining high resolution scanned human skulls with real time rendering technology we have been able to create a unique application that will allow artists to study, draw and sculpt from a real human skull. Unlike a desk top cast or internet reference images Skull Sketcher gives the artist full control over the lighting, position and shading of both the skull and the environment.

    Video clip of Skull Sketcher....

    Download link to Skull Sketcher...

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    Cool. Great resource. I recall when Poser was sort of in it's mid evolution and people were using it for figure sketching. Many of those sketches done around that time had the look of Poser models and the drawings lacked a certain natural quality -- at that time and the little I saw of it used that way. This stuff looks a lot better, though I don't know how it will impact sketchers and painters. Great to learn anatomy of the skull though. I haven't seen their commercial models in service so I can't say how that would go.

    What would you use those full figure models for if anything? As thumbnails they look pretty well resolved.
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