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Thread: Getting the "Embossed" look

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    Getting the "Embossed" look

    The "Paint tube" and "Glitter tube" tools used in conjunction with the filler tool and merging of layers are brilliant for producing "embossed" artwork... here's how I knocked up this "artrage doodle"... Used the paint symmetry tool to draw out the "8 point star" pattern, then duplicated the layer... "Locked transparency" on both layers then went over bits of one with the glitter tube tool (the higher the "glitter size" setting, the more "embossed" the end product looks) and bits of the other one with the paint tube tool. As you can see, I've also "dabbed" splodges of paint, set on 500, onto circles of glitter around the star - and spiked out the edges with the palette knife on the "hard out smear" setting (with the "paint symmetry" tool on, again). "Merged" the layers and then added another layer which I simply coloured blue with the "Fill" tool... and then I merged the plain blue layer down, and voila... here we have what looks like a piece of plain blue paper with a fancy pattern embossed onto it... Oh, and I've found that putting the blue paint on a "metallic" setting makes it look more realistic. And the "Canvas Lighting" has to be "On" or else the patterned layer won't show through the top one.
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    Darn clever indeed and well done also!!!!

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    Wow! I love it. Thanks for the tip.

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    You are having a great time creating the embossed look.

    For the fun of it, try doing multiple layers of glitter, then use a stencil over the glitter and use the water color brush with the "delicate on dry" preset. The water color brush will smooth out the glitter. You will be left with an embossed look. Then try the fill tool, especially the gradient fill.

    Experiment. I think you will find you have more and more fun with what you discover with Art Rage.

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    Very clever! You look like you're having lots of fun.

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    If you enjoy playing with this sort of functionality, you might check out Verve. (Free, sandbox program, Windows only -- doesn't work in Wine -- I checked.)

    The programmer/artist was working on a different project and accidentally stumbled across some cool texture effects in Blender that might be utilised in a painting program. He's called it Verve. It has limited functionality at the moment, but he seems to have used a physics engine to do some very cool things with the paint, like turning on 'fluidity'. You can adjust both layer lighting and canvas lighting, which is a very nice feature.

    Demo on YouTube

    I plan to do a bit of experimentation and maybe integrate Verve's textures and patterns into some Artrage layers. Unfortunately you can't export transparency with Verve's png -- yet -- so I'd be making use of the eraser I guess. And the texture layer would have to go on top rather than underneath any Artrage layers.

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