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Thread: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 performance

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    Microsoft Surface Pro 3 performance

    So, I'm playing at "What model of Surface Pro 3 should I buy?"

    I've been using a loan/review model Wacom Cintiq Companion for the last few weeks but now it has to go back. I can't afford to keep it even at a discounted price. Funds WILL however just run to a Surface Pro 3. The trouble is, I'm spoiled now as far as performance goes. Obviously I want to spend as little as possible, so...

    Has anyone used ArtRage 4.x on Surface Pro 3 and if so, what model?

    i3 / 4GB / 64GB - lowest price, but would it actually keep up with complicated media, e.g. watercolour brush? I would probably be using native screen resolution with several layers, though I don't tend to use a lot.

    i5 / 4GB / 128GB - practically speaking, probably as expensive as I could go.

    i5 / 8GB / 256GB - would be better - probably shouldn't push the finances that far.

    Re performance - I gather the 'High Performance' power profile is not normally available on the Pro 3, but can be enabled by registry tweaking (YouTube - search rTxtXmEGUto). Has anyone tried this?

    Any advice gratefully received - especially if anyone has successfully used the i3 model.

    BTW - If you'd like to read my review of ArtRage on the Wacom Cintiq Companion - look for Cintiq5 on my artedstates blog at blogspot dot com.


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    The windows install on a 64GB surface takes up over half the memory, leaving you with only about 28GB for apps / games / software / music / videos so I would definitely go for the 128GB as a minimum. The extra RAM couldn't hurt. You have to ask yourself, why buy mid-tier if you are going to replace it sooner? the top tier is expensive but less expensive than getting a platform that doesn't serve your needs or having to upgrade sooner.

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