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Thread: Country road

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    Country road

    Hi, I've already put my painting in Gallery section, but I would like to get some constructive criticism.
    So I I'm putting it also here:

    Name:  mountains1.jpg
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    All comments are welcome

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    I'm not sure you need constructive criticism, it's pretty nice as it is!

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    I agree with Copespeak, the reason being that you've done a somewhat sketchy style and as such it's difficult to critique small details. There's a certain amount of stylization implicit in this, like a short hand (an abbreviated writing style used by secretaries who need to write down a lot of dictated information quickly). One can read it back and replace the abbreviations with the full words. It's similar with this painting.

    Clearly you have a very practiced hand so I'm pretty sure that you already see areas to improve if they seemed lacking to you, the artist. But since you asked I'll mention a couple things. I wouldn't personally complain about it. But here you go:

    The shadows seem to be are at different angles -- not the ones on the path but I can't quite tell about what you have below the posts because the color is so similar to the shadow color. Maybe it's a cross piece that fell off. Anyway, if it's a shadow, then my point is that part seems at a different angle than the shadows on the road.

    The grass edge to the right could possibly stand to be a little more irregular.

    The blobs in the road that look like a spatter technique are a little big and circular. They imply stones here and there, but since they look like a splatter technique, it gives it a spontaneous look. But were they this big they would not be sitting above the surface like billiard balls, and they would cast shadows. When I would paint these kinds of stones, I would spatter in the droplets and quickly take a dry brush and drag it across in the direction of the shadow. It was a super quick way to imply lighting and then go back in with a lighter color and paint in some stones over the blobs to separate it out from the shadow.

    You could, if you wanted, break up the ground of the path so that it's a little more rutted, for interest.

    A lot of your edges are abrupt.

    The tree could be a little less filled in and could take on less of an even set of salt and pepper values and you could shape it a little better, were you needing to go to that level. Plus it looks like you have at least 2 trees that are sort of merging into one so it defies the feeling of distance and different trees.

    You could change the color of the shadows to reflect the local color of the item that it's being cast over (like on the dirt and on the grass - they would be different colors and values that make it feel more like lighting than an an idea of shadow). And with shadows, the temperature is most often cooler and these are pretty warm albeit dark. But the way you have it makes it more graphic as opposed to natural. Photos may have warm or super dark shadows, but that's where paintings excel. We can control color a lot more.

    None of these suggestions are essential with the style you're doing. It's just ways to take it to a different place. And there is a good chance that if you start doing all this stuff that you'll loose the feeling that you now have. So these comments are merely for the purposes of discussion. I happen to like the looser, quicker look because it doesn't feel laborious. It feels actually more masterful as a result of being able to speed through the painting and take it to this level. So it's your call whether you want to do any of that.

    I still think it looks great as it is. And it looks like a really good idea sketch with a lot of skill shown. And I was merely fishing for something to comment on because you sounded like you were not getting the critique you wanted.

    Hope this helps.
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    Red face

    copespeak - thanks
    D Akey - thank you very much for your criticism. I agree with your remarks. I'm not happy with trees either, you gave me some idea, how to manage this problem, thanks for that
    Edges are abrupt, because I'm not good at drawing with a pen on graphic tablet. I guess I need more practice.
    The 'round stones' on the road are actually an effect of my laziness... I know, I should work with this issue more, but I'm impatient
    I'm not sure, if I understood well the thing with shadow angle, but, the horizontal 'thing' below posts is a beam. This is a kind of incomplete wooden fence (without top beam). You cannot see the shadow if it, because the grass is too high. Lots of such fences can be seen in Carpathian mountains.

    You are right about the color of shadows - this painting was made on the basis of photo, which I took in Ukrainian mountains.

    Thanks for your remarks I appreciate it very much


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