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Thread: Feature request: Add a solo layer switch and improve folder / layer management

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    Feature request: Add a solo layer switch and improve folder / layer management

    So this drives me crazy every day - as far as I can see, there is no option to "solo" layers so you can quickly view and isolate a single layer or group in a stack. Doing this currently requires all other layers to be manually hidden and unhidden. I cannot tell you how much time this adds to projects with many layers, even when grouping layers.

    I would also say the current system of layer group handling is terrible. The way the folders expand and collapse, with brackets between each layer to delineate groups, it is often impossible to tell which layer group you are currently inside and how many layers deep you are, because there is no clearly visible hierarchy. You must count the brackets in a panel that only expands / collapses vertically, and you can only view a max of 6-8 layers at a time. Additionally, there is no way to tell, without individually mousing over the eyeball for each layer, whether or not a layer or group is currently visible. This is very poor UI design and I fight with the layer panel on a daily basis. Some kind of highly-visible grayed-out state for hidden layers would be extremely welcome.

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    Hi fstopdigital-

    For soloing layers please try pressing and holding alt (option on mac) and click the eyeball of the layer you want to solo. The caveat here is that when you do it again, it will turn ALL the layers visibility on even though you may have had other layers hidden.

    As to the layer groups and their functionality, I have to agree that it could be better. I've gotten fairly used to the way they work so I am not as bugged as I used to be by the limitations. I would love to see the ability to color code layers and layer groups as an option.
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