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Thread: Space Navigator support for canvas rotation/zoom/pan

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    Space Navigator support for canvas rotation/zoom/pan


    I just got 3DConnexion Space navigator and it came to my mind that it would be perfect for rotating/zoom/pan the canvas in Artrage2.
    It would make things feel really real and smooth if we could be able to rotate the canvas with the navigator while drawing with other hand.

    I use it in Photoshop (zoom/pan) as well and it's really sweet tool for that. I would love to see it in Artrage2 as well, would improve workflow enormously.

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    EDIT: Here is a link for the Space Navigator

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    3d Connection Support

    Yes I agree very much. You can already achieve some of this using the driver I mentioned in another post (quoted below). In particular you can map zooming to one axis of your 3D controller and function keys and key combos (ctrl-z, ctrl-y for example) to other buttons or axes of your controller. When used in conjunction with the pen buttons on your Wacom pen you can easily pan, rotate, zoom and reset the canvas and easily undo & redo strokes. Being able to map panning and rotation to the 3D controller would indeed greatly enhance possibilities of setting up even speedier, smoother workflows.

    As posted elsewhere in the forums:

    "If you have not noticed, 3D connection has added a new, experimental driver that you can download for free that allows you to map your space navigator to any software. You can map various mouse, keyboard, and macro commands to the various buttons and axes on your 3d connections controller. You can set up some very useful work profiles that greatly speed and smooth workflow.

    While Ambient has clearly stated that they do not plan to add any specific support for this device it would be very, very useful and appreciated if they would add keyboard shortcut access to incremental canvas rotation and canvas panning to match the access given to canvas zooming. It would also be equally useful to give access to keyboard bindings for user generated scripts. Such access would be very helpful for configuring a number of different input devices including Wacom tablet buttons, pen buttons, 2D mice, and 3D mice which are all a part of many users' toolboxes. Any consideration of this request is much appreciated.

    This software rocks the house! "

    Link to driver & driver description:

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