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Thread: They are forced to leave the Earth...Rescue them

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    Sorry eighty+ for the missunderstanding..i do use a lot google stranslator and it didnt helped me for that. you are welcome
    thanks for all comments.

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    Dear Eighty, actually the Romans were all but religiously zealous, rather absolutely tolerant of all worships, provided they didn't fanatically oppose the law and the formal state religion which was the unity base.
    Furthermore Crusades were set up by all the Christian countries, English too (remember a certain Richard Lionheart?) pushed, in a quite general way, by both a religious zeal and economical need and greed. I would also remind that the schism by Henry VIII, with his self made national religious variant, had very unpleasant consequences on his catholics opponents, as well as Scottish and Irish nations.
    Finally, together with crusades, we should start talking also of the Arabian invasions as well as the and assaults of the Moors and Saracen pirates the Otoman Turkish raids on the coasts of Europe, Cyprus, Malta, Italy etc. in particular, which were far from tolerance or civilization carrier, as it possibly was when they ruled Spain or Sicily in the early middle Age. We should also say that we had to stop Otoman Turks in Lepanto naval battle and by the walls of Vienna, since they didn't have friendly attitude against who was similarly infidel by them too.
    People who talk ideologically of crusades are either todays fanatics or they come from countries who didn't experience any problem in the Mediterranean area then and now like to open their big mouths with the clear purpose to demolish, rather than colonialism (which cannot be really applied to crusades) all the fundamental, positive contribution Christian religion and its Catholic main component had on Europe and all our unique achievements, including freedom, human dignity as well as culture and civilization in all their forms. Look to other areas and continents (obviously not Europe colonized ones) for a comparison with what their traditional heritage is ...
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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