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Thread: They are forced to leave the Earth...Rescue them

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    They are forced to leave the Earth...Rescue them

    Hi all Artists..
    Its a different subject i bring today..fiction and imagination
    The Ants make revolution against the human behavior beause he is responsable for all problem happened to the
    nature..They decide to leave the Earth to the moon may be they find life better..
    The Earth is full of hate, war, terrorist, selfishness...
    They hope a land where they find safety, respect, collaboration, love

    in this work i used for drawing the pastel tool
    i used texture and i mixed and blended some pictures
    i used the sticker for the ants

    hope you like it
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    Lots of work went into this I bet. Ants stickers are cool, use them a lot myself.

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    thank you Tonyjazz for comment..
    its true i spend more time than other works
    i make it large with 150 dp and it reached 400 mb(ptg) . Artrage suffered a lot with this one and become very slow
    sometimes it crash and reallyi wanted to finish it fast
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    Now that's what I call 'Fire Ants'! Can we not destroy the planet and just send all the ants to the moon?

    Fire one! Fire two!. . . fi. . . <phew> . . fi . . fire seventy-three billion, six hundred ninety-three million. . . four hundred. . .um. . .four hundred eighty-one thousand. . .um. . .nine hundred twe. . . twe. . . oh bother!!!!! . . . where was I? Lost count .. . again. . . Fire one! . . . Fire two!. . .

    Great drama! The ants go marching four by four hurrah. Hurrah. . . Wonderful thematically too. I am not fond of ants in the least, so I get giddy at the thought they might be sent away. . . Humans on the other hand, for all their faults, I am rather fond of. . .
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    This is brilliant Samiro! It has a great sense of drama, and a little dose of humour as well!

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    A fantastic outcome! It could well be a sci-fi movie poster! Very professional looking.
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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