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Thread: Sticker spray pen pressure to alpha setting.

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    Sticker spray pen pressure to alpha setting.

    I have just started to fiddle around with the sticker spray a little more and therefore I am trying to figure out the values in the spray variation grid.

    My aim is to get a texture I have created to be applied fainter on the canvas when less pressure is applied. I have changed the Pen Pressure -> Alpha setting to +100 percent with no opacity changes being noticeable when applying a variable pressure. Interestingly when I change to -100 percent I do see changes in the opacity but in exactly the opposite way I would like. I have had a look at the manual but can't find the information I need.

    I would be grateful for any advice on those sticker spray experts out there.

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    I'm not sure I would call myself a Sticker Spray expert, but…
    Have you set a 'Bass Value' for 'Alpha'? That will affect how the 'Pen Pressure' column will react. I would start off without any 'Bass Value' first and just use the 'Pen Pressure' column to start with.
    Low "plus" numbers (green) should give you more transparency/fainter lines than high "plus" numbers.
    I usually find the "negative" numbers (purple) not very useful with regards Alpha and pen pressure but it all depends...
    If you haven't already, have a look at some of the stock AR Sticker Spray brush settings, say the 'Art Brushes' Bristle 1 and fiddle with it's Alpha settings as a starting point.
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