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Thread: 4.5 Installation

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    4.5 Installation

    I paid for the 4.5 upgrade, downloaded the installation file, and installed it.
    The 4.5 Demo was installed.
    I assumed that upon opening it there would be a place for type in my serial number but there was not.
    Did I do something wrong or where should I go to download the actual version ?

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    You enter your serial number by going to the help section at the top of the program and then click on artrage serial number. You can enter it there.
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    4.5 Installation

    Clicking on Help reveals the following choices: Art Rage manual, Art Rage Support, Art Rage Forums, Art Rage member Area, Select Language, About Art Rage, Purchase Art Rage. there is no place to enter the serial number.
    The last of these opens a tab in my brouwser (Chrome) where I can purchase.

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    There was a glitch in the store system yesterday during our 4.5.2 uploads that temporarily caused the demo file to be provided in place of the full file. As soon as this happened we replaced the file but in the time it took for that to go through I saw 1 sale come in and I think that might be yours.

    So - The wrong installer was provided by the store system. If you can download from the store again now it should work properly, but if you cannot you can download the correct installer from our Member Area at by creating an account and registering your serial number.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    Thanks. Installation was successful. I'll post again if any problem

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