We have just released ArtRage 4.5.2 for Windows and Mac OS X, this update is for ArtRage 4 owners who purchased from our store or from Steam.


  • Fixed a bug that caused Export Image to fail when exporting from a Layer to PNG or PSD on Mac OS X specifically.
  • Fixed a problem in the Windows 64-bit executable version manifest that could cause system log warnings and potentially crashes on some machines with specific user permission settings.
  • Fixed a problem in scripts that could cause extremely light strokes to be too heavy on playback. This change should allow some scripts that have problems with strokes being too dark to play back correctly.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause a script to go in to Stopped state incorrectly during playback.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause script playback errors when smart quotation marks were entered in a script file.

Updating To 4.5.2:

Owners of ArtRage 4 purchased from our store can download the update from the Member Area. To download updates from the Member Area please follow the steps here: Member Area-Downloading or Updating ArtRage.

Owners of ArtRage 4 on Steam will receive the update automatically next time they log in.